How Will I Die ?

This is the world famous Death Predictor. If you have ever wondered to yourself 'How will I die ?' then you need to take this test.

You will be asked 15 questions about your lifestyle and interests. It then uses some of the most advanced computer alogrithms in the world to work out how you will die.

So. Waste not your time and find out how you will die now !

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How The Death Predictor Works

First it's important to understand that this test is seriously clever. Just by answering 15 questions, the complex algorithms can work out not only how you will die but also when will you die. Here's how we do it.

The Death Predictor

We know that most people ask themselves at some point, 'How will I die ?'. And fairly soon after that, they will ask themselves 'When will I die ?'. So the brains behind this website decided to go for it and develop some of the most advanced technology ever created. We failed. But the result was this website and if you have a few moments to spare then it's worth a go.

Precise Questions

Anyone who's worked with algorithms will know that to get good results out, you need to put good data in. That's why the Death Predictor can only work out when you will die by asking carefully selected and carefully worded questions. They may seem random but they aren't.

It's not possible to explain here exactly how they were chosen because the reasoning has long been forgotten but there's no doubt there was reasoning.

Advanced Data Analysis

Many similar websites to this will aim to tell you when you will die. That's easy. The Death Predictor goes one step further and tells you how you will die. Not only that, it gives a reasonably accurate reading to the percentage probability on how that may happen. It's serious stuff and it takes serious computing power.

And the engine behind all of this ? That's right - a highly trained Neural Network.

Does My Age Affect When I Will Die ?

Surprisingly, yes it does. In fact, one of things that came out of the research undertaken for the Death Predictor was that people that are younger tend to live longer. Researchers worked hard to calculate the exact science for this. Unfortunately, no real logic was found but that wasn't for want of trying.

The Results

The results are presented in a clear and straightforward manner. You will see up to ten difficult possibilities of death and the probability of them happening. You will also see the likely date that death will occur.

The fifteen questions will take no longer than a few minutes for you to answer and the test isn't timed. You can think about the answers although it's not likely that you will. If you aren't sure about the answers then you can always take the test again. Nobody will know.

Share. Go on.

We need you to share this website on your social networks. It's really important. Evidence has shown that people that share this website tend to not die by strange methods. To make that clear, not a single person who has shared this website has been squashed by an elephant. As far as we are aware of course. So go on, share it !

Note ! This test is intended purely for fun.
But you never know.
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