How can The Death Predictor be so accurate ?

Great question, even if we asked it to ourselves. Firstly, it's important to understand that most people know within themselves the answer to 'How will I die ?'. All this website is doing is taking that inner knowledge and bringing it to the surface.

How Will I Die

Really ?


So how does it tell when and how I will die ?

Seriously advanced computer algorithms combined with some of the most complex and advanced questioning techniques known to humankind. And a little bit of luck and guesswork.

How accurate is the test ?

Well, we don't actually know. Nobody has died that we know of yet so it's pretty much theoretical. On the other hand, nobody has proved the predictions wrong. Therefore, we would argue that, on balance, it's 100% accurate.

What's the point ?

Cynic. It's about understanding yourself. And, to an extent, avoiding situations where you could find yourself in danger. As a rule, don't drive. Or walk across roads. Or eat uncooked chicken.

After you have taken this test we would strongly advise you to be aware of certain situations that you may find yourself in. One of the primary causes of early death, for example, is marriage. There's a simple answer to this - don't get married. You may also be surprised to hear that skydiving can be dangerous. Again, if you find yourself in an aeroplane with a parachute then consider the risks. Perhaps, don't jump. Have a look around and take the easy way down with the pilot.

To be clear, this website isn't here to give you advice on how to avoid death. But it wouldn't be right if we didn't give you a few 'heads-up', as they say.

I don't agree with the results

You and countless others. In truth, nobody really wants to know do they ? Ignorance is bliss and all that. If you knew how and when you were going to die then life wouldn't be quite so much fun.

One thing we can guarantee is that when you do go, you aren't likely to be sending any emails complaining about the accuracy of this website. More to the point, you aren't likely to care that much.

Is it possible to die from taking tests ?

It's unlikely but there's ample evidence that finding out more about yourself can increase happiness.

Some of the deaths seem a little unlikely

Really ? That's a matter of opinion of course and the advanced testing that was undertaken to get this website ready shouldn't be dismissed so lightly.

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