How Will I Die ?

Unless you work in an extremely high risk job then the chances are that nobody will know. However, if you are unluckly enough to be born in a third world country then it may, unfortunately, be a little easier.

How Will I Die


Sounds dramatic doesn't it. So let's consider what are your chances of actually being murdered depending on where you live. The table shows the murder rate for every 100,000 people. For example, if the rate is 1, that means that for every 100,000 people living in that country then 1 person is statistically likely to be murdered. We've chosen some selected countries according to UN stats. Note that the data doesn't give us detail of the likely age of people being murdered so it's difficult to cross reference this to when you will die.

Country Murder Rate Rank
El Salvador 108 1
Brazil 26 14
Mexico 16 23
Russia 11 38
Nigeria 9.8 49
United States 4.9 94
India 3.2 121
Canada 1.7 158
France 1.5 162
United Kingdom 0.9 183

This tells us that statistically, you are 120 times more likely to be murdered if you live in El Salvador than the United Kingdom. In fact, you are three times more likely to be murdered in the United States than you are in Canada. But this doesn't tell us the whole picture. Where you live within those countries can make a difference. As a comparison, if you lived in Louisiana in the United States, then the murder rate is 10.8 for every 100,000 people (so, 1 person in every 10,000 might be murdered). If you lived in New Hampshire in the United States then the murder rate is a low 1.1 per 100,000 people. In other words, you are ten times more likely to be murdered if you lived in Louisiana than New Hampshire.

Unfortunately, the Death Predictor doesn't ask where you live when it makes the calculations on how you will die. Therefore, it uses the global statistical average which isn't quite as good. We may build that in later.

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